Hydrogen peroxide is preferred when selecting high level disinfection for oocyte retrieval and other applications

trophon – Workflow solution at point of care

Segregation of clean and dirty processes • Probe inventory minimized • Staffing requirements eased • No installation requirements

trophon – Minimizing chemical exposure for safety at point of care

Chemistry supplied sealed and ready to use • Minimal vapour emitted • Minimal residuals on probe • No requirement for eye washstations • Environmentally neutral waste products

trophon – Factors supporting the option of reprocessing of ultrasound probes at the point of care

Ultrasound probe design features enable POC cleaning • Ultrasound probe reprocessing has a higher margin of safety • Automation enhances reprocessing compliance • POC ultrasound probe disinfection

trophon is the simple, fast solution

Point of Care Integration of trophon